USVTA Vintage R/C Racing

Welcome to the home for the newly created Vintage T/A 1/10th scale R/C road racing class, based on 4wd touring cars. The class rules are developed to provide close racing with controlled chassis, battery, motor, tire and body specifications. The goal of the VTA class is to bring back awesome looking cars in a cost controlled racing format where the result is just plain fun. The speed of the specification package brings close and competitive racing for sportsman, intermediate and experienced hobbyist that rewards driver development.

With a decline in all R/C racing in recent years, racing needs a big shot of fun and excitement--and this is the perfect class. Far more reasonable speeds, low costs, realistic and exciting looking bodies, wheels and tires, less traction and wheel-to-wheel action drive this class. It IS the next big thing. It's appealing not only to spectators, but to new and old racers, alike. For a low initial cost, any prospective Trans-Am racer can get a car, a radio and be racing with very little time or effort. And the fact is that racers who have never raced before can be on the same level playing field as everyone else, and really enjoy doing so.

The basic rules were created by energetic and insightful racers in Wisconsin and Illinois, and have proven to be very effective and successful. All rules will evolve and adapt as the class warrants. New participating tracks are encouraged to grow the class and adapt ideas to the class, and share those ideas with the U.S. Vintage Trans-Am Series, yet stay true to the original ideas and rules. Hopefully, we can all make this a great class to grow with, and bring back the fun and entertainment to road racing.

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