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FSEARA: PNP Hobbies: Palm Bay, Florida
Tony Padilla took these fantastic photos at the first ashpalt outdoor race of 2008 at the Florida State Electric Auto Racing Association's first race of 2008 at PNP Hobbies in Palm Bay, Florida. These cars outdoors in Flordia are running 13.5 brushless/19T brushed motors with 6-cell packs, unlike the other tracks using 4-cell battery packs. They must be a handful!

Trackside: Brookfield, Wisconsin
Big Daddy
Boomer (Jeff) from Trackside has photographed many cars and races in the early stages of the Vintage Trans Am class. He has graciously supplied a handful of great shots for our gallery. For more of Boomer's photos, check out his web site. Click on a thumbnail here for a larger version of the photo.

David (Ridge_Racer on shot some great videos of the Trans-Am racing that has been taking place at Trackside in Brookfield, Wisconsin. You get a better idea of the slower speeds and very close racing that is possible with these types of cars. Click on a thumbnail to view each YouTube video. Thanks David!

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